Thursday, February 22, 2018
Trump’s Many Offenses Keep Media’s Stove Hot, But He’s Still Unimpeachable

WASHINGTON, D.C. Jan. 15 (DPI) – Less than a day after Trump’s “shithole” remarks hit news sites, 19,000 reader comments flew onto, and 7,500 more were posted to the moderated comment board of Over the weekend, thousands more comments tailed news reports about Trump’s payments to silence a porn star over a tryst more than a decade ago. And finally, another avalanche of reader comments spilled out over his interview with the Wall Street Journal in which he suggested, and then denied, he had been in contact with North Korea’s dictator.

Readers, it seems, are mesmerized and agitated – and motivated to write about – the president’s unpredictable behavior. But his conduct, as many readers acknowledge, remains largely meaningless noise. “We still can’t impeach him over any of this,” wrote one poster on

Readers are still upset about what some are calling the pornografication of the presidency: the vulgar behavior, the crass remarks, the resoundingly unpresidential behavior, all quite separate from the man’s policy positions, whatever merit they may have.

The most popular comment on over the weekend.”We don’t have a POTUS, we have a POS,”

The biggest headliner, of course, was Trump’s remark on Thursday in which he bemoaned having to accept immigrants from what he called “shithole” countries – a crass, outrageous and racist remark that revealed more about the president’s character. Trump said the country should admit more people from countries like Norway. The most popular comment on this weekend fired back:

Trump has it backward once again. No one wants to leave Norway and come here. They have almost no unemployment, an extremely high standard of living and little income inequality, almost a month off every year and women get paid maternity leave for 46 weeks at full pay. Come here? Why?


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