Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Bannon Book Paints Pathetic Picture, And Readers Say, “Yeah, That’s Trump”

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Jan, 4 (DPI) – Declaring it’s all fiction, Donald Trump wants to stop the publication of Steve Bannon’s colorfully insulting book “Fire & Fury: Inside The Trump White House.”  But readers of all political stripes – on every news site, even Bannon’s Breitbart site –  reacted to the book’s early tidbits as more confirmation of the US president’s feckless and hopelessly unfit ways. “Looking forward to a time in the future,” wrote one poster on NYTimes.com, “when the presidency does not resemble a Jerry Springer talk show.”

Bannon, aided by a veteran New York gossip writer named Michael Wolff, declared that Trump’s son’s 2016 meeting with Russians was “treasonous”, described Ivanka Trump as “dumb as a brick” and re-confirmed Trump’s many cringe-worthy personal habits.

Nearly 2,500 comments on NYTimes.com’s main report yesterday fairly well echoed the now-familiar lament that Trump – beyond whatever policy achievements he may claim – is a crass, unfocused and somewhat unhinged person.

Readers for the most part recognized that the dust-up between the president and his former chief strategist was just another noisy distraction.  The most popular comment received more than 4,300 likes on NYTimes.com yesterday:

I’m so divided about this recent weird news. On the one hand, I hate Bannon and Trump, but I guess I hate Bannon a little less because he’s having less of a destructive impact, so a fight between them doesn’t concern me. On another hand, I think Bannon is essentially right, meeting with agents of a foreign government and discussing how to subvert American elections is treasonous. On the third hand, I’m happy that Bannon is now thoroughly removed from influencing Trump, as Bannon is rather racist and fascist, and Trump is easy to manipulate as he is so extremely unintelligent. And on the fourth hand, I don’t think this little spat will have much of an effect on anything, but I am hoping for indictments for Trump and his crew, based on their traitorous collusion with Russia. It’d be so great if 2018 was the year we saw the downfall of Trump.

Poetic justice for both Trump and Bannon. Trump wanted the counsel and company of an anarchist – well, no surprise, he got endless chaos. Bannon wanted a loose cannon in our highest office – well, now it was turned on him.

Looking forward to a time in the future when the presidency does not resemble a Jerry Springer talk show.

Even The Wall Street Journal, largely supportive of Trump’s pro-business agenda, saw a cascade of comments, almost none supportive of Trump:

Why did Trump hire such a nut case in the first place? I could ask the same question about 6 other hires. Trump is horrible.

Guilty pleasure: I read some of the comments at Brietbart on this story.  The Trumpistas  are in a total state of confusion.  Who to believe?  Bannon?  Trump?   What is the definition of treason?  Collusion?  Is Bannon a Marxist plant?  How brain impaired is Don Jr.?   Can we tolerate Pence?  Swamp creature or savior? One thing for certain.   NO ONE there likes Jared and Ivanka.

The most popular comments on WashingtonPost.com yesterday:

I wish that I could say that I find these revelations surprising or unbelievable but they track perfectly with the Donald who has revealed himself to the public. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

“Trump portrayed as uninformed, unprepared and lacking focus..” Yes, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How could anyone think this imbecile was presidential material?

In his hometown, New York City, Trump got 18% of the vote. That’s where everybody knew him already. Hillary got 79%.

Any person still sticking with Trump after seeing and hearing of his incompetence…from those closest to him….is a FOOL. Donald J. Trump is unstable, unqualified, and unfit to be POTUS.  VOTE OUT every single Republican in 2018….so we can IMPEACH this dangerous creature.



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