Tuesday, January 23, 2018
White House Says Putin Called to Thank Trump For CIA Help; Few Believe There Was Any

WASHINGTON, D.C. Dec. 18 (DPI) – The White House yesterday declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin telephoned Donald Trump to thank him for the CIA’s assistance in quashing an alleged terrorist plot in St. Petersburg, Russia.  The only problem is that most Americans, weary of the president’s prevarications, don’t believe there was any assistance, or for that matter any plot,  suspecting the whole matter a fabrication.

Moreover, journalists can’t verify any part of the story, since it originates at the White House, and details of the story come from the nation’s vast and private national security apparatus.  In fact, The New York Times didn’t even bother producing its own report on the matter, instead posting an AP wire story on it.

The Washington Post site did, however, and more than 4,400 reader posts appeared in less than 24 hours. And the vast majority of such posts, and all those labeled “best liked”, dismissed the White House claim as “made up.”

Among the most popular posts this morning:

Putin trusts CIA intel but Trump doesn’t?

The whole thing is made up. Putin and Trump trust nobody.

Does anyone actually believe this story? If so, can I interest you in enrollment in Trump University?

I thought Trump didn’t trust the CIA, Strange.

The timing of this is completely suspect as Trump and FOX News is going full on to discredit the Mueller investigation.

I dont think so. We do not believe Putin and we don’t believe Trump. This is “fake” information. We have you (Putin) to “thank” for introducing Trump and by extension us to that term.
Now, get off our lawn.

I might be laughing if it wasn’t so depressing.



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