Thursday, February 22, 2018
Terror Attack in Manhattan: Americans, Sadly, Are Getting Used to It

NEW YORK, NY Nov. 1 (DPI) – Yesterday’s terror incident in Manhattan by a radicalized Uzbek immigrant is the latest – yet still rare – Jihadist attack in the US. Eight people – six of them tourists – were killed, and 11 injured, in the rented-van-as-weapon attack, which bore similarities to recent street attacks in France, Spain and Germany.

The NY Times and other news outlets kept repeating that yesterday’s attack was the worst act of terrorism in New York City since 9/11, in which more than 3,000 were killed 16 years ago.

Reader comments through this morning ran in several directions: 1) More readers are agreeing with Trump’s opposition to a current lottery system for admitting new immigrants (the suspect in the latest attack apparently got into the county under such a program) 2) There were many comparisons with the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas in which 58 people were shot dead by a non-Muslim American man, which is widely seen as no less an act of terror 3) The suspect was known to authorities, and he spent weeks planning his attack. As such, most readers were not impressed with the small-scale result from using a rented truck to run over innocent people.  “Is that all you can show for all that planning?” wrote one poster.

Taken together, the comments suggest that Islamic terror, especially spawned by lone wolves using vehicles, is not going anywhere, and is now only one of many concerns among the public.  Still, more readers seem to take some consolation that these attacks are nowhere near as calamitous as events like 9/11.

Most popular comments on today:

This attack seems like a pretty pathetic bid for significance on the part of a ‘movement’, Isis, that’s in its death throes. New York had 48 traffic deaths last year, so in terms of risk, this doesn’t up the ante all that much.

When a shooter in Las Vegas killed over 50 citizens we were told that this is not the time to politicize such atrocities. Now, today, our President is busy, busy, busy politicizing the death of 8 New Yorkers?

I’m a high skilled immigrant from a populous country waiting to get my green card for the last seven years. I serve American people in a rural under served area. And there is this guy who got lucky via ‘diversity lottery program’. High time America shed identity politics and reward the talent and performance.

Trump is correct – Extreme vetting – Came to US on a so called diversity program. Insane.

Never thought I would be saying this but, I agree with Mr. Trump on this one. Immigration should not be lottery based. And why is it that those who knew the assailant before the fact always seem to relate stories of how he or she appeared to be at risk of radicalizing but never thought of reporting them because, you know…

If we chose immigrants based on education, skills, and ability to speak English, we would probably not get immigrants like this. Instead, we could get highly-educated English speakers who could work in professional jobs, probably mostly from Europe, India, and China. There’s no guarantee that none of them would be crazy, but it would probably be a good move.


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