Thursday, February 22, 2018
Off-Year Election Results Confirm “Democrats’ Best Campaigner Is Donald Trump”

WASHINGTON, D.C. Nov. 8 (DPI) – A year after Donald Trump’s shocking electoral win, Democrats handily won gubernatorial elections yesterday in New Jersey and Virginia,  a shot across the bow for both Trump and for Republicans in general.  The election results suggest that the slim Republican majority on Capitol Hill now looks unlikely to last beyond the mid-term elections next year.


Readers comments across the internet, as well as numerous day-after op-eds, show a sense of momentum among Democrats, whose candidates, favored by polls to win, posted even better-than-expected results.  “The Anti Trump Wave,” an op-ed headline read in the Wall Street Journal this morning. “Democrats come out in droves and the GOP is caught in the undertow.”  And among the most popular comments on this morning:

The best campaigner for the Democrats is Donald Trump. His administration has been so insensitive to women, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, the poor and the ill, that he is convincing voters to vote Democratic every day that he is in power. People want to keep the ACA and improve it. He wants to destroy it. Voters want to lower their own taxes, not those of the rich. People fear nuclear war, Trump promotes it.
What more do Democrats need?

More popular comments:

Democrats need to continue to try and stress a positive message and not stoop to the level of negative campaigning that the Republicans use. Don’t run away from the fact that Democrats appeal to the better educated. It doesn’t mean we are elites. We chose to pursue a higher education to help get better jobs. 45 can claim to “love the poorly educated,” but based on his policies, he does not really care about them.

I live in VA and it is a very divided state but the Dems ran a strong grass roots campaign. They used their money to canvass homes with flyers and information. There was more contested seats in previously uncontested areas that were won by the Dems AND many of these were won by women, people of color, as as you noted in an article, a transgender woman, who beat a long time incumbent.
I think thesis may have been one of the strongest get out the vote in an off year I have ever seen and it paid off. VA is the old capital of the Confederacy and that can not be erased but need not be totally embraced. It is what we were, not what we are and yesterday showed that. Thank you Virginianns. I am proud today!


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