Thursday, February 22, 2018
Evidence of Middle Class Optimism, Economist Writes, But Readers Mostly Scoff

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Sept. 5 (DPI) – Economist Robert Samuelson, a political moderate and a regular for The Washington Post,  penned a somewhat contrarian column this weekend suggesting that optimism among people who consider themselves middle class is actually on the rise. But about 500 readers dismissed such a view or derided all of it as wishful thinking.

Samuelson cited some polls and recent surveys that consumer optimism has improved, and that the finances of many households were doing better as well. Add to that a strong job market, Samuelson writes, as well as surveys suggesting workers “no longer feel threatened by outsourcing,” and you have a solid argument that the middle class, after years of setbacks, is finally making some strides.

Still, Samuelson was quick to point out that any economic improvement for the middle class has not translated into any change in the political culture, or in strongly held political views across the spectrum. He writes:

(The developments) pose two immediate questions. Has it raised President Trump’s popularity? And second, has it reduced pessimism about American institutions, from Congress to the media? The answer to both seems to be “no.”

Readers supported comments that credited Obama for any economic improvements, as well as calls for universal health care. One popular-but-foolish comment pointed out that Trump voters are not very intelligent because they are the source of the surveys that Samuelson cites. Among the most popular:

Self-perceived confidence may be up. So what. Mr. Samuelson, you are entitled to you own opinions. But, you are not entitled to your own facts. Fact, wealth and income disparity in America are at their greatest levels in 100 years. More wealth is concentrated among a tiny fraction of the richest Americans than previously seen in anybody’s lifetime.   Pretty clearly, the middle class is not making any kind of comeback, “quiet” or otherwise.

When working Americans get national health care, 4 weeks paid vacations, sick pay, maternity leave and a age pension for all, then they will be middle class.

Are you nuts? You base this on what people say about themselves?  Trump is the richest man in the history of the universe, has the biggest hands, the smartest brain, the best words, the most women, more military experience than Patton and is holier than God, Moses, Jehovah and Joel Osteen put together, according to…. Trump.  Give those same folks some simple, clear and incontrovertible information and watch them drop dead on the spot.



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