Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Bannon Blows His Shot at Redemption in ’60 Minutes’ Interview

WASHINGTON, D.C. Sept. 11 (DPI) – Stephen K. Bannon came across as an everyone-else-is-an-idiot ideologue in a ’60 Minutes’ interview that aired last night, likely blowing any chance he had to get America’s many¬†independents to take him and his strain of populism seriously.

Bannon trashed the mainstream media, the mainstream Republican Party, and even the Catholic Church in a wide-ranging interview with Charley Rose, a setting that is universally regarded as TV journalism’s best and biggest stage. It was Bannon’s first interview since leaving the White House last month.

Bannon was obviously proud of his pugnacity, but he displayed an anger and a lack of eloquence that set back his cause of closed-border, trade-war rattling economic nationalism. While his unyielding loyalty to Trump might have appeared laudable in some circles, Bannon’s overall performance did little to help his cause, a much more clearly defined cause than that of his former boss.

Bannon has of course already returned to Breitbart.com, the strident news web site that he’d led before joining the White House.

In many respects Bannon’s crusade against ¬†America’s political and media elites – all of whom he sees as hypocritical, corrupt, and bought off, not serving the interests of the working class – is legitimate. But his pugnacity may not sell to the many observers disappointed that Trump and Bannon were the best that the nation could come up with in the way of a reform movement.

Bannon of course has been regarded as the architect of Trump’s improbable election, and he served as chief strategist for eight months before Gen. John Kelly took over the White House as chief of staff. Bannon clashed with the many factions of the Trump White House, and his ouster was a sign that Kelly is seeking to button-up the operation, and tone down the near-constant acrimony.

The New York Times and The Washington Post – both targets of Bannon’s – downplayed his appearance on the broadcast, with little coverage of it today.



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