Thursday, February 22, 2018
Trump’s Shoddy Character Reflected In – What Else? – His Golf Game

WASHINGTON, D.C. Aug. 4 (DPI) – For months now anyone who’s hit the links has wondered: What kind of golfer is Donald Trump? Apparently he is good at it, as he’s said to possess a scoring handicap of about 3 strokes over par for an entire round. That’s an extremely low personal score for a 71-year-old golfer who allegedly doesn’t play regularly.  Readers of course are skeptical. Said one this week:  “There is no way that fat sandbagger is less than a 15 handicap…… No freakin’ way.”

Recent reports – in Sports Illustrated, for starters – and in a Washington Post column by Dana Milbank this week suggest Trump isn’t quite the near-scratch golfer he claims to be, nor is he the considerate and etiquette-minded gentleman when he plays.

In fact, various reader posts linked to Milbank’s column say people who’ve played with Trump in recent years say he routinely cheats – moving his ball, improving his lie, taking mulligans, even in golf competitions.   And according to these recent reports, Trump engages in unheard-of incivilities such as speaking while another golfer hits, and even driving a golf cart on the green. All, as Milbank points out, “because he can.”

As a presidential candidate Trump criticized Barack Obama for playing 6 rounds of golf a year; President Trump is playing nearly that many rounds per month.

Among the most popular reader posts linked to Milbank’s column:

Of course he cheats. He cheats at everything in life. No honor, no honesty, no morals. A completely corrupt individual in every sense of the word.

There is no way that fat sandbagger is less than a 15 handicap…… No freakin’ way.

Two members of my former golf club routinely caddied at Mar a Largo during the early 2000s . They told us that Trump often kicked his ball out of the rough or hazard when he was playing money matches with his buddies. When asked by his playing partners if they saw him do that they always lied for fear of being fired. Trump has been a liar and a cheat long before he ran for president and at 71 he has not changed regardless of how many ministers laying hands on him.

Character is what you do when no one’s looking. This article tells a lot about trumps character or lack of.

I’ve heard from someone who played a round with Trump that he cheats at golf. This person signed up for a celebrity golf tournament and wound up in a group with Trump. Trump picked up the ball and moved it whenever it suited him. No one could believe it.

A good friend was celebrating his round of 70 at a local club. I told him that I had shot a 70 once myself. But I didn’t do so well on the back nine.
Watching him drive a cart over a green on TV told me all I needed to know about his “love” for the game of golf. Just like with everything else there is no “love” anywhere in his game. He could very well be the most miserable human being on the planet.


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