Thursday, February 22, 2018
WaPo Goes Halfway with Peculiar Arrest Story; Readers Have No Problem Taking It Rest of Way

WASHINGTON, D.C. July 27 (DPI) – The Washington Post published an odd report about a 37-year-old Pakistani-American who for years worked as an IT administrator for Democrats on Capitol Hill – and who was arrested trying to flee the country after allegedly fudging a bank loan application.

The article – presented in the “public safety” section of the WaPo site – reported that Imran Awan tried to pass off a rental property as his primary residence to a government employee credit union, and asked that the proceeds of his home equity loan be wired to Pakistan.  The FBI arrested Awan Monday at Dulles International Airport as he tried to leave the country.  His wife and children had already fled for Pakistan.

More than 500 reader comments, of course, jumped on the peculiar report, which included passing references to smashed hard drives and former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for whom Awan used to work. Readers by and large declared there was a much larger story lurking, related to Awan’s access to the email accounts of prominent Democrats, and to thousands of their emails.

It turns out that the likes of Breitbart and Politico  reported the story with almost no reference to the formal charge of bank fraud involving Awan’s home equity loan. Readers claiming to be of all political stripes excoriated The Post for not covering what they regard as the whole story, and for giving cover the prominent Democrats as a time when it and The New York Times are aggressively reporting on Trump-Russia ties.  The New York Times is yet to report on the IT administrator’s arrest, posting only an AP story about it.

At the top is the “Best Liked” comment, and other “best liked” comments, connected to the report:

Excellent cover up WaPo. Repost an article at the same URL after many comments on the old article pointed out how lousy your reporting is on this.
Although you mention DWS, you leave out her threatening the Capitol Police chief in this. You also leave out the FBI seizing smashed hard drives from an Awan owned house. You leave out the facts that about 2 dozen House Democrats used this guy, including Jackie Speier on the Intel Committee. You leave out the quotes from many House IT staffers, and that fact that Awan had access to all of their emails and any files they had. Keep trying to paint this as simple bank fraud.

WaPo, you are feeding alt-right conspiracy theorists by not reporting what is widely reported on other sites. Are we to believe that police pulled him off a flight just because he fibbed about whether he lived in a particular house? You have to show the same level of investigative and reporting zeal here as you do for Russian meetings. And I’m a lib.

Wow. Media blackout on this one.
The FBI seized two hard drives from his house. He had loads of access to congressional emails, and DWS was desperately pleading with Capitol Police to return one of this laptops to her in May.
If you look at other sources besides WaPo, the story fleshes out to look like it could become pretty scandalous, and very likely implicates Hillary’s buddy, DWS… and perhaps the queen herself.
Maybe this guy has the deleted emails…
Other sources indicate that four of his family members have been employed by the government in do-nothing jobs, for which they’ve received a total of about $4m since 2010.

The Leftist Bezos Post is doing their absolute damndest to bury this one. Don’t look for a followup tomorrow…

Congratulations WaPo readers! You are finally being let in on this, a full 6 months after the Daily Caller and Breitebart started covering it. Even the Daily Mail noticed when Little Debbie started threatening the DC police with “consequences” if they didn’t return her laptop, which was taken as evidence. Then there are the smashed hard drives, the fact that this family was paid over a million in public money and given passwords for between 20 and 80 House members’ accounts. They even threatened to kidnap their stepmother if she didn’t sign over insurance money. Then there are used car businesses and whatever sleaze they entailed. All this was deemed “fake news” as long as the mainstream media thought they could cover it up. Gregory Meeks even tried to blame the whole thing on “Islamophobia” as an excuse for not firing the Awans he employed at taxpayer’s expense. And while I’m at it, where the hell has Trump been? Babbling on Twitter about Hillary’s supposed “Russia ties” (which matter no more than his), while appearing to ignore what could be the biggest scandal since Watergate. With all the information the Awans could have grabbed, it’s anyone’s guess who is taking orders from them even now.

There must be seven articles about the transgender ban on the front page of the digital edition, but this article about the former head of the DNC is buried under “Public Safety.” It’s ludicrous.



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