Monday, December 11, 2017
Trump Jr. 2016 Meeting with Russians Spurs a Now-Weary Outrage

WASHINGTON, DC July 18 (DPI) – Disclosures last week that Donald Trump Jr. met last summer with Russian government officials sparked mostly dismay and a now-weary outrage, but little that may weaken or damage the president. It remains a remarkable resilience for the reckless and impetuous president, pundits across the political spectrum are agreeing.

Both The New York Times and Washington Post continued their aggressive reporting on the Trump family’s inappropriate – but perhaps not illegal – dealings. ┬áBut for now it doesn’t appear that the Trump presidency is threatened.

Polls, though, show that most of the US electorate – at least 75 percent – is close to “completely turned off” by the president’s personal behavior, and that of his immediate family members, who continue to play an outsize role in his administration.


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