Thursday, February 22, 2018
Amid Drama of Comey Hearing, Many React to McCain’s Apparent Senior Moment

WASHINGTON, D.C. June 9 (DPI) – Eighty-year-old Sen. John McCain confused old and ongoing FBI investigations at the Comey hearings yesterday, triggering an instant online outpouring of surprise, sympathy and even suspicion of the respected Republican senator.

Both the and posted separate reports on McCain’s gaff, most likely unintentional and perhaps even the result of some passing dementia. McCain, a Vietnam war hero and a member of the Senate since 1987, generally comes across as lucid and in command. But at yesterday’s historic and widely watched hearing, McCain looked as though he was experiencing a senior moment.

The NY Times did not include a comment board with its article on McCain.

But The Washington Post, whose comment boards are barely filtered and generally are much more free-wheeling, saw nearly 3,000 comments on the subject in about 24 hours.

The most popular comment among those: “Best inadvertent line of the year, from Senator Burr: ‘I think the senator’s time has expired.'”

A few commenters saw McCain’s less-than-coherent questions as a deliberate act to confuse, and thereby help Trump. But many in the same thread shot down that theory. McCain’s office has not commented since the hearing.

Other top comments on

Don’t be so callus. He has served this country honorably, whether you like his politics or not. He is a gentleman. What happened today was so undignified. It was sad. I hope he is well.

If that is how is mind is working on a regular basis, it’s time to retire, plain and simple.

Another popular comment on Facebook:

I learned something very important today from Comey’s testimony to the Senate committee. I learned that John McCain is too frickin’ old to be in the Senate anymore.




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