Tuesday, February 20, 2018
More Terrorism, More Grief, More Hand-Wringing; Readers Are Weary of It All

WASHINGTON, D.C. May 24 (DPI) – The latest senseless attack on Civilization – the suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night – killed 22 and injured dozens more.  And the outpouring of grief and hand-wringing among readers online is now routine and familiar.  But, based on popular posts, those sentiments are giving way to a weariness and anger, reflecting a growing feeling that the West is still playing softie with the sources of modern terrorism.

One New York Time poster, who received nearly 500 recommendations,  suggested that the thousands of potential “home-grown” and “lone-wolf” terrorists in the West might re-think their actions if governments made it clear that there would be consequences to their families:

There is one possible way to stop these terrorist atrocities, & that is to exile the families of the perpetrators. They may not care for their own lives, but perhaps they will consider their parents & loved ones.

It’s hardly a novel idea – the Russians for years have detained or killed families of terrorists and kidnappers of Russians in the Middle East. That’s a harsh response, but clearly a somewhat softer policy – say, deporting, stripping of citizenship or forcibly relocating relatives of terrorists – might make the young suicide bomber think twice.  And based on the tone of recent posts, Western citizens may be ready for it.

Among the most popular posts, though, were signs that people “have seen this movie before” and they are tired of it:

Every two months or so, the same story: blood-streaked floors, another group of victims…the (by now) useless condolences from governments and vague “they will not defeat us” gibberish. And the banks and banks of flowers and stuffed animals the next day. Europe has seen this pathetic story for months on end, now. And yet we are told by craven politicians that open borders are something sacred to the EU–even for non-EU citizens, that every person who can walk over the EU’s borders deserves our pity, our tax money, and the right to live in Europe. And that islam is not the problem, terrorism is. I would like to reserve judgement about the religion and motives of the scum who did this attack, but I have seen this movie before. I wish our politicians could see it…Merkel? Lofven?

Another terrorist attack. More carnage, more dead, more wounded. More pathetic platitudes about how the terrorists won’t defeat us. More flowers and teddy bears at the memorial. But certainly no action to stop the terrorists and future attacks beyond more police presence and bag inspections. In a week, everyone but the families of the dead and wounded will have forgotten the attack, and will sympathize more with the terrorists than with the innocent victims. And the cycle of terrorist attacks continues.

The stakes of terror and violence seem to be going up. Innocent children attending a concert have not done anything to deserve a violent death. As someone who was in Tower 2 on 9/11 it saddens me each time I read about more innocent victims dying at the hands of fear and hatred. What is under attack is our way of life. Concerts, shopping, eating in cafes, going to work, strolling down the street, all are open to terrorist violence. My way of fighting back is to not live in fear. My heart goes out to those who are affected by this senseless act of violence and hatred.




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