Thursday, February 22, 2018
Comey, Clinton Keep Dredging Up Election, And Readers Of All Stripes Are Re-Nauseated

WASHINGTON, D.C. May 3 (DPI) – Hillary Clinton seems to have hardly moved on from her election loss, publicly declaring yesterday that FBI Director James Comey’s decision to review her emails two weeks before Nov. 8 – and of course interference by Russia – cost her the presidency.  “I was on the way to winning,” she told a women’s forum. “Until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter and Russian Wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off.”

And today, Comey, ordered to testify before Congress, himself told a committee that it made him “mildly nauseous” that his actions might have swayed the election.

The back-to-back headliners set off comment boards across the net, in typically partisan fashion, with Clinton’s remarks fodder for her foes, and Comey’s remarks a juicy target for Clinton supporters.

The New York Times, still the bulwark for Clinton’s base, chose to highlight Comey’s remarks today well ahead of Clinton’s public comments.

More than 1,000 readers weighed in with comments within a few hours, almost all of them sharing Comey’s nausea – over the election of Trump. The most popular comment drew more than 2,000 recommendations:

You know what makes me nauseous, Mr. Comey? What makes me nauseous is that you and other FBI officials were investigating Trump and his aides for their ties to Russia and Russian meddling in our presidential campaign. And yet, somehow, you thought it was only necessary to make public statements about Hillary Clinton, and not to inform the voters, before they voted, about possible collusion with the Russians and the Trump people. That makes me nauseous.

Conservative sites served up endless threads of condemnation of Clinton, who even by nonpartisan standards somewhat foolishly chose to angrily re-hash the election, rather than move on and genuinely position herself as part of a “resistance” of Trump.

Her remarks, too, served as a meaty target for partisans who remain hostile to the former First Lady, who spoke at a Women’s Forum on Tuesday.

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I wonder when she speaks at the ‘woman for woman’ event she will explain and justify the donation of 250 million dollars to her election campaign from Saudi Arabia who has to be one of the worst abusers of women on the planet.



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