Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Missile Strike on Syria Hardly Improves Trump’s Standing

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 11 (DPI) – Donald Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian air base last week has done little to improve his domestic political standing, as readers on major news sites continue to sneer at the unpredictable new president.  Trump’s approval ratings rose only slightly this week.

No matter that the bombing last Thursday came in retaliation for a horrifying chemical-weapons attack on Syrian civilians, and that Trump’s predecessor in the White House claimed to have negotiated the removal of all of the regime’s chemical weapons.  Readers offered little criticism of the Obama administration, whose officials had publicly declared – even in recent weeks – that the Syrian regime voluntarily gave up its chemical weapons years ago.

But readers focused largely on Trump’s motives, since his administration has been beset by sloppy and impulsive missteps in his first 100 days. “Trump really needs a big war right now,” as one poster wrote.

Still, a few posters pointed out that readers of generally liberal news sites still cannot come to grips with a Trump Presidency. One comment on NYTimes.com today:


Even when Trump or Tillerson just happen to get something right, most of your readership is so bitter that they lost the elections and now are also are in the minority in congress and even scotus, they can only spew venom. Trump got in right in Syria( the previous administration bungled it and it was the patsy on gas) and Tillerson will , in fact, be effective with Russia. The hope is that just maybe the Trump administration will get something else right.

But most comments remain highly suspicious and hostile toward the new president. The most popular comments on NYTimes.com today are typical of the response:

Mmm hmmm. And what will replace the Assad government? There is no endgame here. Perpetual war is good for Trump and his uber-rich, multinational cronies. It is a boon to manufacturing economies; i.e., China. “America First” is really “Me First”. Is anyone surprised?

When it comes down to it, we the US respect human life when it is in our “national interest” to do so. The attack on Syria was a political ploy, the President was sinking fast and there was talk of impeachment so he did what all Presidents do when in trouble, with the exception of Nixon, he used the military card. Are we really ready for a world war?


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