Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Bannon’s Removal from National Security Group Sets Comment Boards Alight

WASHINGTON, D.C. April 5 (DPI) –  Trump today removed his controversial chief political strategist Stephen Bannon from the White House national security committee, setting off both the press and readers with comments that the new president was taking what one poster called a “micro-step in the right direction.”

Readers on the NYT site today reacted almost universally with sarcasm or suspicion about the move, which seemed to rectify an initial mistake by Trump to appoint Bannon to a national security committee in the first place.

Bannon has a masters degree from Georgetown in international relations, but his diverse career as a Wall Streeter and entrepreneur hardly suggested personal gravitas in national security matters.  And Bannon’s utterly non-diplomatic style – quite apart from his agenda – seemed ill-suited to international security matters, which depend on longstanding channels for dialogue with nations around the globe.

More striking about the hundreds of reader comments today, even the most critical readers seem to approve of Trump’s seasoned generals, who are now playing a central role in national security policy.

Still, the most popular comments are biting. The highest recommended, in order:

I really expected a smoother operation from a businessman that routinely ended up in bankruptcy courts.

General McMaster realized something was sticking to the bottom of his shoe so he scraped it off. Now Bannon can help Jared fix the government and the Middle East.

One of the unfortunate parts about the Trump administration (and there are many) is a story like this would normally make me happy. Now it just makes me wonder what they are really up to that they are distracting us with this.

Somehow Sean Spicer will spin this as Obama’s fault.

Much ado about nothing. Now that National Security is in good hands, Bannon will have more time to focus on domestic problems, like Third World invaders, liberals, rootless cosmopolitans in control of the media, black crime, etc.

Good. Now, he should remove Carson, DeVos, Pruitt, Sessions, Zinke, Mulvaney, and Price. Perhaps then, they can be replaced with competent individuals not bent on destroying our nation.

You mean there’s hope that #45 may actually be listening to the advice of someone who may actually know what they’re doing? Getting Bannon out is a micro step in the right direction. There are so many steps to go.


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