Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Trump Pushes A “Great Wall of Mexico”, and Younger Readers Snicker

WASHINGTON, D.C. Jan. 26 (DPI) – The new president today waved an Oval Office pen and declared he’s breaking ground on a border wall with Mexico, a jarring campaign pledge that’s widely seen as having dubious value, strategic or otherwise.

In fact, across the nation readers of all stripes are largely dismissive of the idea of formally walling off the southern border, when fences, patrols and other border barriers are in place and illegal immigration ebbs and flows from various sources. The most common form of illegals is from those with expired visas of visitors entering through airports.

While the vitriol and blowback to Trump’s latest stunt is predictably found on major news sites, the comment boards of Reddit.com, whose readers skew young and tech-savvy, were awash with snickers. The site accumulated more than 16,000 comments tonight¬†– ten times more than all the other 15-20 links on Reddit’s home page.

The general lack of practical value of a border wall suggests that it will never actually be built.

The top comments, after a thread referencing Game of Thrones:0

So are we talking Great Wall of Texas with lava and attack eagles that you can see from space, or are we talking a cheap-o, chain link fence with “bless this mess” signs strong along it?

We already have the fence. The new “bigger and better” wall is just a symbol.. a very expensive symbol.

Like a reverse Statue of Liberty.

From NYTimes.com:

Despite the rhetoric, we will soon understand that the wall isn’t being built to keep Mexicans out. The wall will be necessary to keep Americans IN after we’ve endured a few years of this president’s policies.



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