Tuesday, February 20, 2018
On Eve of Inauguration, Politico’s Take on Trump Triggers More Fears

WASHINGTON, D.C. Jan 19 (DPI)  –  Politico, which in less than ten years has made itself a credible news source for Washington by reporting on minutiae and gossip about the city’s power elites, published yesterday an interview with Trump’s longtime biographers, all of whom re-confirmed the incoming president’s famous narcissism and said – pointedly – that the man will shortly be in over his head.

The biographers also said Trump will have only two advisers of import – son-in-law Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump – and while some of his cabinet appointments may reassure some, there’s likely to be policy chaos as the administration contradicts itself in the months ahead.  In its headline, Politico sums up that Trump, because of an election in which he lost the popular vote, “has this deep fear that he is not a legitimate president.”

The article went viral in the last 24 hours, triggering even more fear among even moderates who had been hopeful that the nation will survive the incoming president’s destructive tendencies.

Politico.com is unlikely to be reserved a spot in the White House press corps, but that may not matter. It is in many respects a part of the establishment that Trump himself is seeking to both join and overthrow.

What’s clear is the vast and numerous institutions of Washington already appear determined to outlast the incoming president.



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