Thursday, February 22, 2018
After Shock of Election, Readers Now in Awe of Trump’s Incompetence

WASHINGTON, D.C. Nov. 16 (DPI) – Donald Trump’s early transition missteps may be typical of presidential administrations, but many readers – especially those posting on the site of his arch-enemy, The New York Times – already see a pattern of incompetence. “Trump’s campaign was a “let’s wing it” affair,” wrote one poster on NYTimes today. ” Why should the transition be any different?”

With reports of firings, freeze-outs and several impulsive tweets by the president-elect himself in recent days, the press – not simply the NYT  – detects little sense of order, much less an apparent vision, from the incoming administration.

And readers, in their comments, are beyond forlorn. Some comments reflect a nervousness about the new president-elect. Top five reader comments linked to today:

Dear NYT: The only reason I know anything that happens on Twitter is because the mainstream media tells me about it. Stop allowing Trump to force you to report his news story. Did you learn nothing last week?

Congratulations, America. Youve elected a 70-year-old child.

Trump is taking telephone calls from foreign leaders on his own private telephone system? Really? He had his nerve to bug Hillary about her private e-mail server.

How will Trump defeat ISIS, make Mexico pay to build a wall and replace Obamacare in his first hundred days when he can’t even get his staff to fill out forms?

The “purge” continues. Kevin O’Connor, a former GOP official in the Justice Department, who was in charge of that department’s transition, is gone.

When it comes Trump’s recent tweet, give it the same credibility as the ones during the campaign. Incompetence and lying are one thing during a campaign, quite another at this point.

If he hasn’t taken office yet and he’s already behaving like this… a snarky teenager, heaven help us after January.
What an embarrassment to the office of the presidency, once held by Lincoln, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt.
I miss Obama already.

Trump’s campaign was a “let’s wing it” affair. Why should the transition be any different?

The day Trump announced his candidacy, he declared that he will be the greatest jobs President ever. So far, he can’t even handle his immediate staffing. Not a promising sign.


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