Thursday, February 22, 2018
Leaks of Speeches to Wall Street Suggest a Pragmatic, Pro-growth President Clinton

WASHINGTON, D.C. Oct. 19 (DPI) – Wikileaks last week revealed the content of  private paid speeches by Hillary Clinton to Wall Street firms, and the result – perhaps to the chagrin of Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin, both believed responsible for the leaks – has only improved her standing with voters.

The New York Times’ Tom Friedman, a longtime pro-growth internationalist, penned a column today simply delighting in the revelations about Clinton, which suggest she for more pragmatic and more likely to encourage pro-growth policies than her campaign rhetoric has suggested.

The disclosures of what she privately told Wall Street gatherings were intended to embarrass Clinton heading into the general election; now it looks as those disclosures will help her, especially with independent voters wary of a left-leaning Democratic Party that’s often heedless of the virtues of economic growth.  Friedman declared: “WikiHillary for President!”

Readers, too, rallied around the disclosures – and Friedman’s column – as comments almost universally praised the new information as well.  Among the most popular reader comments:

Spot on. When the content of these speeches started to leak, I almost felt like I was watching a Hillary Clinton for President ad campaign aimed at intelligent, mature, serious people.

I totally agree. Putin & Assange thought they would embarrass Mrs Clinton on Mr Trump’s behalf but it might have the opposite effects for the people who are genuinely interested in the content of the emails and not just the headline news.
For example, if it if true, one shows the VP list demonstrates the Clinton camp has casted a wide net for the best possible candidate, including Sens. Warren & Sanders, and many extremely capable business leaders like GM’s Barra & Apple’s Cook. Some of the emails might be lawyer-y but nothing nefarious. But more important, they reveal a pragmatic Clinton with a diverse group of people working for her. It is welcome news to show Mrs Clinton remains a centrist at heart. Good for the independents.

Wow the big scandal of WikiLeaks is that Clinton is a fairly standard, pragmatic centrist politician. Who knew?

Hillary Clinton has always been thoughtful and pragmatic in her approach solving problems. The problem most people have with Hillary is that they have absorbed the 30 years of smears and mischaracterizations about her. When she is able to connect unfiltered by the media as in debates, people start to see the smart wonk that is the true person. I started to understand her by reading her books. You came to see her true nature by reading her unfiltered speeches. She is a gem and we should be happy she will be our next President.

This leaks show the same Hillary we have known for decades. If Putin’s intention was to change our perception of her, I think that he badly failed. She is and intelligent, thoughtful and realistic woman that believes in incremental change, not in revolution. She will be a great President because, although she is caricatured as an extremely partisan figure during the campaigns, she has proven a million times -and this leaks prove it also- to be a moderate who is ready to compromise if necessary. A tested hard working realist in a time of extremism and populism.





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