Thursday, February 22, 2018
Is the Trump Candidacy a Democratic Conspiracy?

WASHINGTON, D.C. Oct. 11 (DPI) – Donald Trump is not only a Godsend to Hillary Clinton and to the Democratic Party – he may also be their invention as well.

That’s the latest far-fetched viral notion:  Trump – inept, impulsive, offensive, and un-electable – has proven to be a tonic for the American left, whose own baggage-heavy candidate would likely be trailing a disciplined and credible challenger, many observers are saying.

The Democrats-Made-This-Frankenstein theory has bounced around for months on the fringes of the media – the wonkish, conservative National Review posted a story back in June  suggesting as much. It quoted a Democratic congresswoman that Trump’s rise was encouraged by Bill Clinton:

“There are some theories on the Internet that this is Bill Clinton’s best political deal,” says Marcy Kaptur, the veteran Democratic congresswoman from Ohio and the House’s longest-serving female lawmaker, “that he and Donald are buddies, and they have a lot of similar friends in New York, and he has masterfully selected a friend who maybe by October will say, ‘You know, this is very boring. And I’m going to get out.’”

That speculation of course emerged back when Trump was wrapping up a surprising insurgent run through the Republican primaries.

While it is impossible that the Democrats engineered Trump’s rise to become the GOP candidate, the Democrats, knowing full well he is even more flawed their own candidate, may have fanned his flame.  More recently a CNBC columnist suggested yesterday that Hillary Clinton held back in the most recent debate to make sure Trump didn’t leave the race, given her rising poll numbers after the latest revelations about Trump.

Whatever the case, it is all a tragedy for the American people – the national embarrassment that is Donald Trump leaves any prospects of near-term political and economic reform dead.




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