Thursday, February 22, 2018
ESPN Bad Blood: Schilling’s Sanguinary Sock Gets Deleted, And Readers Fume

SOUTHINGTON, CT. May 2 (DPI) – ESPN is looking especially vindictive today as the sports network edited out references to Curt Schilling from its documentary of the 2004 Boston Red Sox.  And readers, while critical of Schilling for Twitter outbursts that last month got him fired from the network, also ridiculed ESPN for its clumsy and foolish attempt to omit Schilling from a narrative about a historic sports moment he was central to. “Ah yes, censorship like the old Soviet Union. Stalin would be proud,” wrote one.  “Somebody please tell ESPN that Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual,” wrote another.

A few readers too predicted that ESPN would have to reverse itself, and re-insert the references to Schilling, who played through a foot injury to win the 7th game of its dramatic 2004 playoff series with the New York Yankees.  But many were simply hostile toward ESPN, which has been well known for heavy-handed tactics with cable operators over the years.

The most popular reader posts on today were downright vicious. The six best-liked:

ESPN is a sham. All this posturing about doing the noble thing is a joke. If you pay $50 for your basic cable bill, a full $7 of it goes to ESPN alone. ESPN is by a factor of 50 the largest contributor to your cable bill. All other channels average 14 cents (yes CENTS) each, but ESPN is like the Mafia, strong-arming the cable providers with threats and bullying. Think about this next time you are clicking around and you find them rerunning some tired NBA game from the 1970’s, or maybe the world cat herding championship. Junk content for your hard earned dollars. And now this PC garbage. Time to starve them out. Cancel your cable and go a la carte. You can get most channels you want for pennies. You can go even HBO without cable. You will save hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year and you’ll let these crass money grubbers know you’ve had enough. ESPN’s glory days are behind it. Let’s help it die.

I love watching ESPN circle the drain. Their liberal ranting disguised as “sports reporting” has finally reached a tipping point for the American public. The network of Keith Oberman is finally getting what they deserve – and none too soon.

So Curt Schilling, uttering wrongthink that the PC crowd disagrees with, has been made an unperson by ESPN and wiped from an existing history right down to his socks. Who is the greater offender of American and human rights values here? Somebody please tell ESPN that Orwell’s 1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

This is the Left, it’s what they do. Imagine what they’ve done to your children’s history books…

Ah yes, censorship like the old Soviet Union. Stalin would be proud.

True and honest sports enthusiasts should shun ESPN until they get over their need to be falsifiers of history. ESPN has an agenda that is not healthy for them or our country.


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