Tuesday, February 20, 2018
“We Have Seen the Candidate – and He is Us”

WASHINGTON, D.C. Mar. 3 (DPI) – (Op-Ed) Perhaps it’s only natural that a presidential candidate must be, in some basic way, the blue-suited embodiment of America. A reflection of ourselves.

Well, the mirror isn’t pretty.

As a candidate, he is bombastic, boorish and ill-informed.  To a campaign trail full of deeply flawed candidates, he brings a new level of vanity and conceit. In his speeches, more than most candidates have, he repeats meaningless generalities and platitudes. He hasn’t disavowed white supremacists who have rallied around him. He’s as close to a demagogue as American politics has seen since Huey Long.

As a businessman, he boasts of his riches, but his true record of accomplishment is dubious, and his reported net worth is likely fraudulent compared to actual balance sheet.  He claims to be funding his own campaign, but according to campaign records, he is lending his campaign funds on the expectation that he’ll be paid back.  Married three times, he talks to radio personalities about women he’d like to have sex with.

It is a coarseness, bravado and hypocrisy that non-Americans – especially Europeans – have for years seen as an ugly part of the American persona. Only now it’s walking around running for president.



Comedian John Oliver’s 20-minute rant captured something about the candidate this week:




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