Tuesday, February 20, 2018
San Diego Law School Faces Suit for Allegedly Overselling Value of Its Degree

WASHINGTON, D.C. Mar. 8 (DPI) – A 37-year-old graduate of a San Diego law school is suing the school for allegedly misrepresenting her employment prospects, and a judge recently ruled that the case will go to trial. It’s a significant development – especially for lower-tier law schools — because previous┬áclaims that challenged the validity of the schools’ employment data┬áhad been dismissed.

The plaintiff, Anna Alaburda, is now $170,000 in debt from the cost of her legal education. She turned down a $60,000-a-year legal position out of law school, but she is suing the school for allegedly misleading her with exaggerated post-graduation employment data, according to reports.

The presiding judge in the case, Judge Joel M. Pressman (J.D., University of California Hastings School of Law) , allowed Alaburda’s claim to the heard after five years of litigation.


The NY Times reported on the case yesterday, and while it did not attach a comment board, other sites did, and the reader feedback was largely unsympathetic to the plaintiff. Among the three most popular comments on DailyMail.com:

Why didn’t she take the $60k job offer and work her way up like everyone else?

So she admits…right out of LAW school she got offered a job as a LAWYER,,”newbie” entry level with a law firm,,and turned it down,,,HOW IN THE HELL DOES SHE HAVE A CASE?

No sympathy for her when she turned down a job with a law firm. Any law school graduate knows how tight the job market is.


And one more comment from DailyMail.com:

Well, at least they taught her how to sue!


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