Thursday, February 22, 2018
Readers Share Memorable One-Liners After FIFA President’s Resignation

WASHINGTON, D.C. June 2 (DPI) – Readers on news sites today put aside any qualms about US legal overreach and celebrated the resignation of FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who presided over decades of apparent graft in the world soccer organization.

The resignation of Blatter, just last week re-elected to his fifth term as FIFA chief, comes just after the US Justice Department indicted several FIFA officials on a range of corruption charges.

Many Europeans were pleased about the arrests, and with Blatter’s ouster soccer fans the world over are celebrating. As one poster put it: “This is a victory for all soccer fans, and this is how America should use its power around the world.” Added another: “We are the heroes of the international sports community today. Even in Germany.”

Most of all, though, readers were struck by the swift and unusually effective role of American jurisprudence to bring much-needed change to a supranational organization long known for its culture of corruption.  Among the most notable reader comments today, the most popular first:

This is the nicest thing the US has done for Europe (and the rest of the world) since WW2

Smoke, meet Fire.

Leaving is Mr. Blatter’s best leadership yet.

There is no sense of shame, but possible jail time seems to work miracles.

That was quick. Back room deal to avoid criminal charges while his underlings get run over by the proverbial bus?

What in the world happened between Friday and today?? Am waiting for the next cleat to drop

So Blatter is in on the bribery schemes. This should be entertaining.

What a major accomplishment in foreign policy! The country least-interested in soccer will now always be associated with the Herculean task of cleaning world soccer by purging King Blatter’s stables, including Blatter himself.

Maybe he is retiring to spend more time with his money?

I bet this is the cheapest regime change the US has instigated. Not to mention the zero casualty count.

Vive la loi! There’s nothing mightier than the rule of law.

Since the United States Department of Justice, a law enforcement agency whose nation is largely uninterested in soccer, has taken down Sepp Blatter but left standing Lloyd Blankenfein, Jamie Dimon, Jon Corzine, etc., as infinitum. Bravo. We can certainly feel safer in our underwater homes and lost pensions now that FIFA bribery has been outed.

Too much money brings too much corruption!

Nice. The US team should be guaranteed a spot in every World Cup for the next 100 years.

FBI, Brasil needs help…


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